What is persuasion?

It is a process and an end goal in itself.

It is to change another person’s attitude or behavior to what we wanted of them, either through verbal or non verbal communication.”

Persuasion is one of the key components of communication. Most of what we want to achieve when we communicate with others is to persuade them.

Maybe you wanted to tell your friends about a movie you just watched last night, so that you can successfully convey your enthusiasm and love for the movie and persuade them to watch it.

Or take for example that time you really wanted that pack of pokemon cards you saw at a stationery shop nearby your primary school, and you try, despite not knowing how, to try and convince your parents to give you five dollars to buy them.

Or maybe you saw a poster of a beer advert, which features a woman in a sexual pose, and you don’t know why, but suddenly, you wanted a beer.

Some might even say that education, in and of itself, is a giant form of persuasion, where a whole body of teachers are trying to persuade students of a particular, “correct” worldview. All of these are situations of persuasion, to influence others with your words, ideas, or images and subtle cues.

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