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The BET*RR model is a psychotherapy based self-improvement method, created by Dr. Johnben. It can be used by everyone to help build stronger self-awareness.

In our daily lives, each of us use our Bodies, Emotions, and Thoughts (“BET”), to either React impulsively, or Respond mindfully (“RR”) to situations we encounter.

When we aren’t mindful of our bodies, emotions, and thoughts, we are impulsive. We feel like punching someone when angry; we say hurtful things to others when overwhelmed with stress; we can’t think straight because we are easily confused. In short, we REACT.

Through learning the “BET*RR” model, we can now RESPOND carefully to situations we are put in. Through a mindful way of living, we can become better persons, lead a better life.

MY Psychology is creating audio podcasts in a bite-size format, providing self-improvement education and accessible psychology knowledge. This course, by Dr. Johnben, is our first podcast, and in order to be able to consistently create these, we need your help.


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